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What is Dhali?

Next generation API monetization.

Accept nano-payments from your users

Give your users subscription-free, on-demand access to your APIs.

High throughput.

Each of your users can send up to 50 requests per second.

Low overhead.

We add as little as 160ms to your response times.

Why Dhali?

We are faster, cheaper, more flexibile, and transparent.

  • Daily payouts
    Your API's earnings are settled daily

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  • Easy to use
    No integration work needed, just link your APIs

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  • Reduce costs by 75%
    Efficient, layer-2 blockchain transactions

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  • Reach new customers
    We help you source new users

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  • Authenticate-by-payment
    No more user credential management

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  • Privacy and security
    Industry-leading blockchain security

Our users

Here's what they said.

Dhali made it really easy to set up nanopayments for our APIs.
CEO, Bithomp
Dhali is a great marketplace for developers and projects that want to monetize their APIs.
CEO, Anodos
Navigation was simple and straight to the point; didn't have to be a rocket scientist to understand it.
Team Myrkle


To keep costs down, we calculate our pricing dynamically.

On average, how long does your API take to respond to a request?


What do you wish to charge for your API?

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The URL entrypoint for the API you want to monetise.

For example: https://my-cool-api/run

How much your users will be charged in your currency of choice, per request, for using your API